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iPOP TIPS: How HyperDrive Your Career in Hollywood

If you’re pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, you may be wondering how to speed up the process. While everyone’s track to success is different, there are a few ways to hyperdrive your career. We’re sharing some of the best ways you can fast-track your career in this week’s blog. Read on and be on your way to success.

Be Present on Social Media

Whether you are on social media or not, as a performer, it is considered one of your best tools. Using your Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube page as a way to create your image can lead to a range of opportunities. Popular influencers like Addison Rae and the D’Amelio sisters have found great success through their social presence. From landing brand deals to Netflix films, social media has quickly bolstered so many careers. Don’t miss out on having your chance to shine. Be present on social media and show off your skills to the world.

Attend a Talent Convention

Talent conventions like iPOP LA are a great way to increase your exposure Hollywood and send your career into hyperdrive. In one week, you have the opportunity to showcase your skill and meet with 100’s of entertainment industry professionals. What would take most months of time and postage, you can do in just five days! We’ve shared more on why you should attend a talent convention in one of our recent blogs, which you can read here [insert link].

Create your Own Content

Creating your own content is not just for TikTok. As a positive result of the pandemic, a number of prominent Hollywood directors and producers have launched short film contests for beginners in the industry. Being able to write and star in your own content can open up a number of doorways. Whether you choose to submit to a creator contest or opt to post your work on Youtube, these can all help your career. Celebrities like Issa Rae got their start by creating and starring in their own Youtube shows. Give yourself the extra boost you deserve, and start creating your own content today!


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