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Get Discovered: The Rise of Catarina Victori at iPOP!

Have you ever wondered what the true essence of an iPOP! success looks like? Look no further than Catarina Victori.

In 2016, Caterina wanted to be

discovered for her talents. From her initial journey at iPOP! in 2016, Catarina exhibited a rare combination of talent and charisma that left a lasting impact. Not only did she skilfully promote herself, but she also built lasting friendships and collaborations which snowballed into several successful projects. Her impeccable skills and dedication earned her two scholarships that set her on a path to greatness:

  1. A scholarship to the esteemed New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts where she honed her craft in acting and cinema.

  2. An invitation to a high-profile talent event in New York.

Today, with a robust TikTok presence and her affiliation as an actress and singer with Luccas Toon Studio Company, the leading youth YouTube Channel in Latin America, she's turning heads and capturing hearts all across the entertainment spectrum.

But what's remarkable about Catarina is her unwavering connection to her roots. In 2023, she revisited the iPOP! Event, strengthening her ties with top agents and managers, and once again showcasing her magnetic allure.

At iPOP!, we couldn't be prouder to see a member of our family fly so high, and yet, stay so grounded. Catarina Victori epitomizes the magic that happens when opportunity meets hard work.

Want to be inspired daily by her journey? Connect with Catarina on her Instagram and TikTok at @catarinavictori.

Ready to start your career and become the next iPOP! Success Story? Click here to audition!


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