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IPOP! is about more than helping talent make their dreams a reality, but also about uplifting  youth, taking positive action, and giving back to our community and the world we live in. iPOP! is committed to giving back to communities in need by using our experience and reputation to help those in need. We have partnered with the Thirst project to help end the global water crisis around the world.  

 A donation of just $25 will help not only one but two people have access to clean drinking water for life.  Donate today and help us reach our goal of two entire clean water projects this year! 


About Thirst Project

Over 600 Million people on the planet do not have access to safe, clean water. Thirst Project is the world’s largest YOUTH water organization. We travel across the United States speaking at middle, high school, and college campuses to educate students about the global water crisis and challenge them to fundraise to build freshwater wells in developing nations and impoverished communities. 100% of all public donations go directly towards building our water wells. In just over ten years, 


Campaign for Eswatini

In 2012, we committed to what NO ONE has ever done before, and give the ENTIRE KINGDOM of Eswatini safe, clean drinking water. It will cost a little more than $50 Million to do this. We know that is a LOT of money, but it’s REALLY not THAT much money considering we are giving an entire COUNTRY clean water.



$25 gives one person drinking water for life. In just over ten years, Thirst Project has spoken to more than 500,000 students on 1,500 campuses across the United States. These students have helped raise over $11 million, which has provided more than 450,000 people in 13 countries access to safe, clean water. $25 is all it takes to give one person clean water for LIFE. Water is a human right. Join the fight.

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