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5 Ways to Prepare for iPOP!

Are you preparing to audition for iPOP!? Are you already planning on attending? If so, you must ensure you're ready to showcase your talents. Here are five tips to help you prepare:

1. Do your research: Take some time to learn about the event and who is attending. Check out our website, success stories, media coverage, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to better understand how iPOP! can help your career and prepare you for the entertainment industry.

2. Practice your talents alone and in front of others: After all, that's what iPOP! is all about! Practice in front of friends or family members to get feedback. Since you will be performing in front of industry professionals, getting maximum exposure is crucial for feedback and increasing your confidence.

3. Dress the part: Choose outfits that will stand out! You want to look put together while also feeling comfortable and confident.

4. Get organized: Ensure you have everything needed for each workshop, performance, and audition.

5. Stay positive: Remember to be yourself and stay positive throughout the audition process. Confidence is key, so try to relax, take constructive criticism, and enjoy the experience!

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to success at your upcoming iPOP! Event and audition.


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