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iPOP Tips: 8 Helpful Tips for Audition Success

Your audition success is all about the steps you actually put into succeeding. Your job as a performer is to always put your best foot forward. How exactly do you achieve a solid audition? Our helpful tips below will help guide you and they’re easy to remember too! Read our 8 tips for audition success and excel on your road to stardom.

1. Confidence

It sounds simple but it takes practice. Walk in the door with your head held high. Be wary of shuffling feet. You don’t get sympathy points if you’re nervous, not feeling well, or having a bad day. Leave it outside the door. You are being sized up the minute you walk in so practice good posture and body language before you arrive. And don’t forget to smile—that’s the lasting impression you want to leave.

2. Connection

Make one with the reader. Memorize the material or be familiar enough with it to maintain eye contact. Knowing the dialogue is important, but making a connection with the reader is what will make the scene natural and believable.

3. Character

Know the character. Read the entire script beforehand to pick-up as many clues as possible.

4. Objective

Go underneath the dialogue. What do they want from the other characters? What is the character’s purpose in the scene and story?

5. Obstacle

What’s in the way of the character getting what they want? Acting is what happens to you as you try to get your objective met, in spite of the obstacle.

6. Opposites

Yelling isn’t the only way to show hatred or anger. Sometimes being quiet as you make your point is a powerful display of emotion. Playing opposites is a much more interesting choice than the obvious.

7. Variety

Feel the levels and dynamics in the scene. Don’t play one emotion. If the character is angry or tough, when might they show some vulnerability?

8. Personality

Let it shine through. Don’t give one-word answers when having a conversation with the casting director. Ask questions! The industry is looking for smart, curious actors.


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