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iPOP’s Garrett Hedlund Feature, Burden Hits Theatres

iPOP’s Garrett Hedlund receives rave reviews for Sundance favorite, Burden after its recent theatre release. Winner of Sundance’s 2018 Dramatic Audience Award, the film finally debuted in theatres last month, quickly receiving accolades from critics.

In an article published by the LA Times last week, Hedlund is heralded for his transformative acting. With film critic Kenneth Turan stating:

Catch it now for the splendid performances of Garrett Hedlund and Andrea Riseborough. Though other gifted actors (Forest Whitaker, Tom Wilkinson, Crystal Fox) do strong work, it is Hedlund and Riseborough who really make things happen.”

Turan continues on Hedland’s performance stating further:

“A powerful, persuasive actor known for his all-in work in films like “On the Road” and “Mudbound,” Hedlund has found a way to raise what he does to a higher level here.”

Hedlund plays the role of Mike Burden in this based on fact drama. Set in 1996, Burden tells the story of how a member of the KKK reforms to abandon racism and find aide from an African American Minister (Whitaker). Written and directed by Andrew Heckler, the film was a passion project for Heckler who began writing the script in 1999.

A story about the power of love to defeat hate, Burden is currently showing in theatres across the U.S.

Garrett Hedlund began his path to success after attending iPOP’s twice-annual talent competition based in Los Angeles, CA. Hedlund has continued to steal the screen in films like Tron: Legacy and Country Strong and will next be seen in Lee Daniels, The United States vs. Billie Holiday.


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