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iPOP Insight: Is Instagram Reels the New TikTok

It has been a few months since TikTok’s competitor launched Instagram Reels, yet a question still remains. Is Reel the new TikTok, not necessarily? But the quick vid tool on the popular photo app has been put to good use by influencers alike. While it is tough to compete with the app that took social by storm, Reels is still a great tool for performers. Read our take on Reels below and how you can use it to boost your online presence as a performer.

What is Reels?

Reels will allow users to record and edit short-form videos with audio and music soundtracks. This is akin to what users already do on TikTok.

How do you create videos on Reels?

the Reels video format will live inside of Stories, which users can create in the top-left corner of the Home feed. It appears that Instagram is updating the Rolodex of options at the bottom of the screen — for creating Live videos, text posts, or Boomerangs — to add a tab for Reels. The creation process for Reels appears similar to that on TikTok.

What’s the difference between Reels and TikTok?

It appears that Reels videos are limited to 15 seconds. TikTok extended the maximum length of its videos to 60 seconds earlier this year. Reels also benefits from Facebook’s large-scale music partnership, which gives users access to more musical content than otherwise available on TikTok.

Reels will differ from TikTok in giving users a more built-out augmented reality platform, as well as offering them a way to make short-form videos inside Instagram, a place they already love and know how to use.

Who is Popular on Reels right now?

  • Gabi Fresh

One of our favorite influencers on the ‘gram is already turning getting dressed into a party (filled with all the fun special effects!).

  • Greyandmama

We would be remiss not to mention the internet’s favorite toddler.

  • Kevin Parry

Remember that TV show where magicians would reveal their tricks? You’ll get a similar thrill when Kevin Parry, a stop-motion animator, and self-proclaimed “video wizard” breaks down how he creates his whimsical Reels!

  • Isabella Boylston

So, the general consensus is to leave all those viral dance moves behind on TikTok. That is unless you’re literal ballerina Isabella Boylston.

  • Chris Appleton

Prepare to be totally entranced by celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton’s funky hair makeovers and, um, a few other things…


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