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Cale Ferrin Interviewed by “California Live” for New Film

Recently, iPOP Alumni, Cale Ferrin sat down for a virtual interview with NBC LA’s California Live. The talk show host spoke with Cale on his latest work and how he achieved success in his career. Cale talked about his new film More Beautiful, for Having Been Broken, and the significance of his role. Specifically on what it meant, as someone with Fanconi Anemia, to take on the role of a character also living with the same disability. Stating:

“The character is Freddie, and originally he wasn’t supposed to have Fanconi when I found out they changed it to Fanconi Anemia, it made me really happy because we need awareness because awareness leads to research and research leads to a cure which is so great because this is such a rare disorder. So, I am very happy, very happy.”

The film debuted this month and is available to watch on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Cox Cable, and Vimeo.

Cale also took the time to talk about how he has attained success in his career. Sharing:

“I competed in an acting show called iPOP, and from there I got an agent and I’ve done a lot of open casting calls.” He continued on with a reflection on one of his first gigs. “I did one with Nickelodeon, it was a general meeting, and the next thing I know I was on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn on Nickelodeon…It was just a full-on dance party, it was amazing.”

Cale has also worked hard at being a role model for other kids and teens with disabilities. His most recent contributions include an Instagram Live Karaoke event, that helped him to raise money for Fanconi Anemia Awareness month. He continued by sharing how his platform as an actor, has allowed him to the great opportunity to bring further attention to Fanconi Anemia.


“I am completely honored because representation matters, you know it makes me feel good that maybe someone with Fanconi Anemia is watching something on TV and they see someone like me and they can just relate to that and so I feel like that’s a very big part”.

You can watch the full interview by clicking here: or going to the iPOP LA Facebook Page.


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