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iPOP Tips – Why You Should Attend a Talent Convention

If you’re reading this, you likely have attended a convention or are interested in doing so. There is a lot of information and talk online about what a talent convention is and whether you should attend one. What there is not is a response to this question directly from the source. That’s why as the world’s leading talent convention, we are setting the record straight. Learn how beneficial a talent convention can be to your career by reading below.

Tick Tock, is your Career on the Clock?

The answer is yes. While no career trajectory is alike, pursuing the performing arts is in many ways time-sensitive. That is not to say there are not opportunities for all ages, because there are. The difference is that if your child actor has dreams of being on Disney, there will be more opportunities for them as a child actor vs. an adult pursuing the network. With each age range, your genre will change. Which begs the question, why put your dreams on hold if opportunity is knocking now? The other factor to consider with time is the days of sending mailers with your headshot and resume to every agent in town remains overly time-consuming.

Ditch the Snail Mail…

While many managers and agents will consider what they receive in the mail, you’re placing all of your bets on the prospect of an envelope being opened. So then, where does a talent convention fit into all of this time talk? A talent convention is not just a time-saver; it’s like taking a ride into the future with a DeLorean vs. horse-drawn carriage. In one week, you meet with 100’s of industry power figures, face to face, not face to photo. Not only are you getting an introduction faster than the USPS can deliver, but your skills also get to shine beyond your resume. Attending iPOP LA provides the opportunity to send your career into hyperdrive at any age.

So Let’s Talk about Skills…

As we mentioned above, when you attend a talent convention like iPOP LA, you have the opportunity to show your skills to leading talent representatives. What can be said in a showcase will speak volumes more than what can be displayed on your resume. If you have the chance to shine, it’s worth claiming the moment. What is equally important is that you are provided the opportunity to learn how the industry works firsthand. As performers just starting out, auditioning is as much a part of the job as actually getting the job. iPOP provides you the chance to experience auditioning in the industry, all while guided by world-renowned professionals and celebrities.

Learning is Fundamental

Think about who your favorite actor or actress is. Did you know that they still train even at the height of their careers? Whether you’re pursuing the screen or the stage, practice is not just reduced to script preparation. Training is essential to continued growth as a performer and will be the ticket to your overall success. That is why talent conventions like iPOP LA are not just about showcasing your talent and introducing you to the industry; it’s about PREPARING you for both. Our goal is to see our performers succeed. During our week-long iPOP event, our performers train TV and Film Stars, world-renowned performers, and the industry’s leading representatives.

Fast track your career, grow your skills, and be on the way to success. Learn more about iPOP LA today!


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