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How to Overcome Nerves and Audition with Confidence

Auditions can be nerve-wracking, even if you've been preparing for a long time. No matter how much you rehearse, you tend to freeze up when sitting in a room full of people. Stage fright is normal, even for the most seasoned performers. Luckily, iPOP! is here to get you through your stage fright so you feel confident enough to crush your next audition!

Don't be afraid to fail. Every audition will strengthen you and teach you a new skill or technique! Consider your failure a stepping stone leading you to your next ample opportunity!

Listen to feedback. If you do fail or make a mistake, that's okay! Failures provide feedback, and feedback makes you stronger in your craft! The most seasoned industry leaders have failed many times, and their success comes from the ability to learn from feedback.

Change your mindset. Enter the entertainment industry to grow, learn, and evolve. Not every audition will be successful, but with the right attitude, every audition can benefit your career.

Persevere: Success doesn't happen overnight. The most incredible things in life are worth working toward! Keep signing up for as many classes, auditions, and career-expanding experiences as possible! Every occasion offers you a new opportunity to learn, meet the right people, and grow your career.

Surround yourself with people who are successful in your craft. Learn from professionals who are succeeding in the industry you want to be in. Learn from their wins and losses, and observe their behaviors if you'd like to mirror their careers. Being around people with similar goals provides an encouraging and productive environment built for success. At iPOP!, we pride ourselves in bringing together talented hopefuls with TOP industry professionals. Not only does this kickstart careers, but it makes our iPOP! members the BEST in the business.

Do you need help building your career and preparing for auditions? Join the iPOP! community, and become another success story.


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