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How to Build Confidence and Charisma on Stage

Confidence and charisma take time and practice. As a performer, there are six steps you can take to ensure your confidence shines through in your next performance and audition.

  1. Be yourself. Many people are trying to break into the entertainment industry, but there is only one unique you. Embrace what makes you different, and always strive to improve your confidence and self-esteem. At iPOP! We hold confidence workshops to make you more confident in life and in your auditions!

  2. Take up space. There will be different stages and spaces, depending on where you perform or audition. Use the entire space and radiate your energy. Does your favorite performer remain stiff in one place when they are on stage? No! They are jumping around and projecting their energy. It may feel unnatural at first, but iPOP! workshops will teach you how to take up space on stage!

  3. Stand out with your outfit. Consider your audience, and dress appropriately. Sometimes it can be challenging to assess the situation, but taking iPOP! workshops to prepare for performances and auditions will prepare you for ANY performance.

  4. Record yourself. Practice makes perfect! Take notes of your strengths, and work on your weaknesses. Learn how to make audition tapes to increase your chance of booking more jobs. The more you do it, the better you'll be.

  5. Understand your audience. Know what they're looking for before going into your audition or performance. Assess the genre and setting, and tweak your performance based on your assessment. Sometimes your audience can be challenging to read, especially if you're on an audition and you're not exactly sure what managers and agents are looking for. At iPOP!, we'll show you what signs to look for so your performance is a home run!

  6. Practice. The saying is true; practice makes perfect. Train in front of your friends, family, camera, and pets, and take feedback from agents and managers. Consider an audition your chance to practice and improve; that way, there is always something to gain from each practice experience! At iPOP! performers constantly practice to perfect their crafts and prepare for auditions in front of industry pros that start careers!


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