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7 Signs You're Ready For iPOP!

Are you ready to be discovered for your talents but need to know how to break into the entertainment industry? If so, iPOP! might be for you. Still trying to figure it out? Here are 7 signs to see if you're ready!
  1. You have a talent you're passionate about. Your talent is your purpose. It's a massive part of who you are; you feel like you were born to perform!

  2. You want to showcase your talent. You feel called to share your gift with the world, and performing in front of others makes you feel unstoppable!

  3. You've been thinking about a career in the entertainment industry. You want to get paid to do what you love. Your talent isn't just your hobby. It's your way of life!

  4. You don't know how to get your talent discovered. You're talented, but you don't know who to contact to start your career. Breaking into the entertainment industry is overwhelming and complex; you need the necessary connections to get started.

  5. You want to learn more to be your best at your talent. Being skilled in your talent requires lifelong learning! You're ready to learn from the industry pros who will make you outstanding and prepared for real auditions.

  6. You're ready to take risks. Performing and breaking out of your shell can be scary, but you're prepared to take that leap of faith to make your dreams come true.

  7. You want to surround yourself with people with similar goals and aspirations. Nothing is more motivating than being surrounded by performers that have similar goals. When surrounding yourself with these people, you can learn from each other while creating lifelong supportive and encouraging friendships.

If this sounds like you, it's time to take charge of your life! Don't let your dreams be JUST dreams; click the link to audition and join the iPOP! magic.


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