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Since IPOP, Ethan has been extremely busy. We have been in conversation with all the agents who gave him a call back and we are currently working with a few of them.  We are in the process of moving to Los Angeles and we trust that Ethan will be very busy. With regards to performances…. Ethan has just completed his 3rd school concert where he yet again had a lead role in the show titled “Best of Broadway”

After IPOP he attended The ARTS at Disney World and walked away with multiple callbacks and won OVERALL Child Talent.

After that, he attended his 4th Talent Africa Competition where sadly he was unable to sing due to a rough throat but was able to showcase his acting skills and walked away with numerous awards including Best Actor, 1st in his Age Group and he came 2nd OVERALL in the entire competition. He will be auditioning for an International Agent from Los Angeles in the next couple weeks at a platform called Project Performer where he will be hoping to be scouted by this agent in order for Ethan to possibly meet with him again when we get to LA.

As you can see, Ethan has been very busy and staying motivated while keeping his above average academic standards and excelling in Grade 6. IPOP was the best showcase we have attended and we hoping to attend again very soon.

Thank you for your time and have a great day


-Scott Abrahamse


“Hi my name is Ally, I attended IPOP 2018 and it was awesome. I had no idea what to expect,… I finally got to go to Vegas and prove myself. I was a small fish in a VERY large ocean of people. I did what I was supposed to and at the end of IPOP, I was awarded Best Actress, Best Monologue and 2nd in commercial acting.  I got a ton of callbacks to different agencies. I am in the process of getting signed, … IPOP was a great opportunity to network, meet friends ALL over the world, learn how to strut down a runway and really just let lose and be you. IPOP was a great experience, I’d recommend it to anyone who has a small want to go…  honestly in the end it was completely worth it.”



-Allyson L

“We are so thankful to God for giving Josie the opportunity to let her light shine! She received 3rd runner up awards in both Children’s Commercial and Commercial print, as well as the opportunity to walk the runway in the Awards Night Fashion Showcase! We were amazed because IPop was Josie’s first big competition experience ever! We weren’t expecting awards! And we definitely weren’t expecting her to receive 18 callbacks!!!! It was such an exciting time, meeting with all the agents, managers, etc.  We definitely had a lot of decision making to do! After lots of interviews, and research….we finally made the decision! Josie is now signed with Manikin Model and Talent Agency AND Crawford Talent Management!!!! We are excited for Josie’s next adventure to begin!”

-Josie Foster and family

“When my mom agreed to let me attend IPOP! I was so excited. Words cannot describe the happiness I felt… I didn’t know what to expect at IPOP… I met several friends, including a girl from Canada, a boy from Boston and another boy from San Francisco who has become a very close friend. To this day I’m still in touch with all of the friends I met there. I received an award for best teen commercial print.. a huge surprise to both me and my mom because I was not expecting to get any awards at all. My heart almost stopped. I’ve never won anything before and here I was accepting an award. Yes!!!Yes!!! Yessssss!!! Thanks to IPOP I had the best time of my life, and thanks to IPOP I’ve signed with The Crawford Agency. Besides having the best time of my life I got to spend time with my mom. Thanks Again IPOP!!!”

-Zongchee Yang

Please excuse my inexcusably tardy thank you for the honor to attend iPOP LA this July.  Late as I am with this note, I want you to know how very grateful I am for the inspiring experience that iPOP provided. Your support and guidance these past few months has been extremely helpful. The superb coaching made available through JRP Southeast gave me the confidence I needed to obtain the attention of many agents.  The insight and advise provided at iPOP proved to be most beneficial, leading to many callbacks with positive outcomes. Your thorough preparation and genuine concern have been greatly appreciated and there’s no doubt that the knowledge I gained, talent I was exposed to, and memories made, will be valuable for years to come. Per your instructions, I have followed up with thank you emails to each callback agent.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me at anytime if you have questions or concerns.  It was an honor to experience iPOP LA with JRP Southeast and I look forward to a continuous dialogue with JRP Southeast.



My name is Gabrielle and I just received your email asking how things are going since IPOP. I have some exciting news. Things couldn’t have been going much better since IPOP.

First off I got together with Mark Williams with InDaSoul Ent. Whom I met at IPOP initially and recorded 3 songs and did a music video.  That in itself was an amazing experience. Since then I also made many appearances on Fox 13 Tampa Bay singing and playing my guitar. Very fun.  Next I entered a national singing competition from Quaker and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers called Quaker Chewy Superstar. There were many thousands of entries online.  They narrowed it down to the top 30, then the top 5. I made the cut on both. Unbelievable, so far.

Next it went to a National online vote and Nick Jonas’s input to pick the winner.  I Won!!! My Life changed very quickly. The prize was to go to LA and record a song and make a video that was written and produced by Nick Jonas.  He is also in the video with me. He is so Awesome!! Nick and I worked on the song at the famous East/West recording studio in Hollywood and recorded some of the video in the same room that the Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones have recorded in. That was so Cool!! Then a photo/video session with the world famous photographer and producer Jay Silverman at his studio in LA.  Then came the Winner announcement day and song release last November in New York City.  Nick and myself appeared and did interviews on such shows as Pix11 New York morning show, Extra, E News, VH1 Morning Buzz, The Chew, Insider, Pop Star magazine, Teen Vogue etc…  What a Day!!  There also was Prize money. But the Best Prize was I signed a management contract with The Jonas Group. They also manage of course the Jonas Brothers and not to mention Demi Lovato. 

Recently I have been in LA meeting with Jonas Management working on our next project. Very Exciting!! Also went to a taping of the NEXT. Where I met with Joe Jonas, Nelly, Gloria Estefan and John Rich.  I also signed with The Osbrink Agency while here in LA.  That set off my acting career. Besides singing I also love to act. It has been a successful summer so far.  I just got done taping an episode on Nickelodeon and my family and I are moving to LA permanently in October this year.  So i can honestly say that IPOP has helped jump start my acting and singing career. Helping me build the confidence to succeed in both acting and singing. IPOP was a Great experience and I would love to have the chance to tell my story to all at IPOP. Never Give UP!!! Never Stop Believing in Yourself!! My Dream is Coming True!! I am Doing What I Love to Do!!


My daughter posted that it was the best week of her life! She got 23 call backs and received several offers for representation. After being welcomed to CESD talent agency she was immediately set up with casting profiles and was receiving audition notices immediately. Without IPOP, this would have never been possible. It is my daughters dream come true. Thank you for the memories and hope to see you someday again soon.

My daughter is Risa M… Our newspaper was waiting for her as soon as she arrived back in SA and she has been on several radio stations already. Due to her ongoing work she is well known in SA and has excited so many youngsters. We are busy attending to our call backs and offers Risa says thank you so much.

We had so much fun at iPOP this past week, and I think that some of my new contacts with agents and managers will really result in some professional work for me! I made many new friends from all over the country, and I would love to be able to share videos and pictures with my friends back home on Long Island. I know a lot of talented kids who could benefit from joining the JRP school on Long Island, and I believe that they would be a huge success at iPOP. Thank you for making this opportunity possible! Please help me to share this opportunity with the people at my theater camp through viewing official iPOP footage.  I did win first place in two categories, which shocked me, and I would love to show them how “real” iPOP can be.  I won for Division 3 (males) in the categories of Commercial Print and TV Beauty.  I also placed in the top 10 for the iSING competition.  Please post videos and pictures when you can.  I would also like to help promote iPOP, and the more I can show I was there, the more convincing I can be!  Thank you!! iPOP was the BEST!! Thank you, again!

If you haven’t already heard, Austin had a HUGE win yesterday at the 33rd Young Artists Awards! He was nominated for Best Young Performer in a TV Series for his large guest star role on House.  This was the biggest and  most competitive category with 13 of the top male actors competing for this title. Most of these male actors in his category are already movie stars or they currently have series regular roles on major tv networks. After seeing him work so hard for five years, it was great to see him get a big win like this.  I am only sending this e-mail to a few people who have helped Austin to get to this point! You know what you have done and we just wanted to say thanks!  I have attached a picture of Austin and his co-star from House Haley Pullos (who also won Best Female Performer in a TV series for her role in House)for your enjoyment!

Thanks for everything!

Thank you for allowing me to go to iPOP! I had a really fun time! I can’t even to wait to go and tell my friends about iPOP!  iPOP! was probably the most exciting thing I ever attended and the most fun. I have learned so many things about how to make my acting better. I also made so many new friends there. It was the best once in a lifetime experience I ever had. Many of the kids in my grade, probably my whole school would want to be at iPOP! and have an amazing experience like I did. I hope I get to come to iPOP! and act again and possibly be in the showcase. I really enjoyed the showcase and everything about it. The whole plane ticket, packing, waking up early, and practicing was all worth it. Thank you for helping me complete my passion and DREAM!

Thank you for the wonderful experience i had a iPOP! It was so amazing to sing on stage and act in front of so many agents. It was so much fun and i hope to come back again in years to come and do it all over. Or even better, be the singing opening act for one of the showcases. I feel so lucky to get such a great opportunity like this and glad i have made it this far. iPOP! has opened so many doors for me and is just the beginning. I hope to make singing and acting my career one day. It was such a good show and i realize it took a lot of hard work, time, and money to put something like this together. Thank you for correcting and getting everything squared away when my number, and the rest of the Oshkosh group’s contestant numbers that got mixed up with other contestants. It was such a blast being able to go to iPOP! and i enjoyed every minute of it from waking up early, to going to auditions to meeting agents to meeting the celebrities. It was one of the best experiences i have ever had in my life and really opened my eyes to what this industry is all about. I have learned so much from iPOP! and will definitely use it help myself get better in acting and singing.

Thank you!

We wanted to express our Aloha’s from Maui and many thank you’s for having us at the iPOP! National Convention!!  What an amazing event!!  It was truly a great family experience and it was more than what we expected!  We missed the opportunity to meet you, but we met your sister in the elevator after the Final Awards Night dinner.  Our daughter, Barryne had a wonderful experience performing in showcase A with Scott Calcagno as one of the “Tweens” & dancing with Tony G’s group on Preliminary Awards Night, accepting an award for top 10 best dance of the year on Final Awards Night, and got 18 callbacks.  But the best reward of all was being surrounded by many great talents and professionals as you!  She made a lot of many new friends and talks about iPOP! all the time.  We are exploring all her opportunities and will choose the best agency that will best represent her.  We most definitely wanted to share our appreciation of our Directors…John F. Stevens and Doug Sloan.  They are a great team!  We couldn’t thank them enough for all their help from the beginning through the continuous journey of Barryne’s success.  We value their professionalism, their honesty, the extensive efforts to exceed our expectations, most of all their generous time shared with us and others!  We look forward to hearing from you!  We wish you the very best and many more success!

My wife had the opportunity to spend the entire week and I joined for the final two days. We were impressed with the talent of the children and the Showcase they put on in such a short time. We were equally impressed with the agents and management companies in attendance. I found it rewarding to go back with Jorydn for callbacks and meet several agents who spoke directly to Jordyn about her performances without every asking her name, contestant number or looking at their notes.

The journey begins.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful experience!  My daughter, Sarah Anglen, and myself had a wonderful time!  We are exhausted, but had such a terrific time experiencing the business, meeting top notch industry folks and learning from some of the best!  Sarah really enjoyed (and learned so much) in her high fashion makeover/model experience for the Showcase. It was a top notch production and we are very proud to have been a part of it.  If you need any parent references, please put us on the list!

Thank you again for such a lovely time!

I just wanted to thank you for a great iPOP.  Also, if you can let Ron and Joseph know, Andrew Flower has already arrived in New York City, and everyone LOVES him!  He is loving New York City, all the agents are loving him and we’re super happy!  I hope you are well

Sending a hug from New York!

Wow!  We are still living the iPOP story!  The girls had such a wonderful time and I am so proud of their accomplishments.  I know the girls would love to help you promote JRP.  And again I want to thank you for allowing Allie to participate.  She will be one of your success stories.  She has decided to postpone college and move to LA.  We are talking to managers now.  She is in London as we speak and plans on meeting up with a few of the kids she met at iPOP!  Macy may be auditioning for a movie being shot in Tulsa this fall.  We will know soon.  Of course all three want to move to LA and we are looking at our options and saying our prayers.

Let me know when you need the girls and they will be there!  Thank you!

I signed ASHLEY DUDAS from IPOP and sent her in to 20th Century Fox for a new series regular role on MODERN FAMILY. She is going back again this wed at 2pm for all the producers!! Her family is thrilled! Thank you again for all that you do!

I am really happy to hear from you. IPOP LA was really fun and it changed our lives!!! Me, my brother (Matthew Zhang), and my mom moved to L.A. for 2 months , and I have already booked 8 jobs! One of them a Feature Film as a Co-Star role. My brother has booked 5 jobs, being Feature Films, one Co-star, and one Supporting role!!!

How are you?  I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to the IPOP Event.  You did a great job! I found some great models and am waiting to finalize things. I also wanted you to know that when I returned to Scottsdale I received a confirmation for placement in Singapore for Michelle Kessler (the model I found last year at IPOP).  I am sure she will be working in Asia for the next three summers.

After 15 years of attending model showcases and conventions throughout North America, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with iPOP!  The iPOP staff are 110% dedicated to putting together a spectacular event; each year they surpass my expectations, from the caliber of talent right down to the flawless execution of their events.

The beauty I find at the iPOP! Conventions is how well prepared the participants are.  They are schooled and appointed as to be ready to hit the ground running.  Many times we actually submit the kids we meet at iPOP! within a week of returning back to NY.  And they book.  The convention itself is so well organized that you feel you are being handled as a celebrity.  Something my clients get but usually not the agents.  I really am amazed as to how the Ipop staff are able to anticipate and orchestrate everything we need to make it a successful scout.

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