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iPOP Tips: The Top 7 Musicals Every Aspiring Singer Should Know

When it comes to pursuing a career in musical theatre, it's important to know the best of Broadway. From classics to hits of the modern era, know the broadway greats on your way to success. Read on below for our list of the best musicals that every aspiring singer should know.

1. Wicked



WHEN SHE MEETS A BUBBLY BLONDE WHO IS EXCEPTIONALLY POPULAR…" Wicked tells the Wizard of Oz origin story of how Glinda 'The Good Witch' and Elphaba (later on The Wicked Witch of the West), would go from unlikely friends to the most famous rivalry ever known. With hit songs known around the world, Wicked remains one of the best musicals of all time.

2. Bandstand

Bandstand was a blip on the Broadway radar, managing to run for 190 total performances. However, this musical by Rob Taylor and Richard Oberacker told an important story that has been overlooked in the entertainment industry. Bandstand explores the impact of music on a group of World War II vets who readjust to civilian life by overcoming challenges such as PTSD and loss. It presents the characters' struggles accurately and sensitively.

3. Annie

Annie will always be a prominent and ever-optimistic part of pop culture. The musical is based on the "Little Orphan Annie" comic strip and has gone through almost 30 tours and revivals, making it a worthwhile addition to this list. One of its popular tunes is "It's the Hard Knock Life" and, we can't fail to mention, "Tomorrow."

"It's the Hard Knock Life" link:

4. Grease

Grease was opened in 1972 and became a perennial favorite for high schools and community theatres worldwide. The musical is about Greaser Danny Zuko, who meets the prim and proper Sandy Dumbrowski over summer vacation. It is a good story and a perfect original musical.

5. The Book of Mormon

This Trey Parker, Robert Lopez's and Matt Stone incendiary homage full of love is the funniest musical comedy Broadway has provided to the public since "The Producers." It is no wonder it is still packing audiences across the world even after a decade.

6. Fiddler on a roof

Without this musical, we would never have songs such as "If I Were a Rich Man" and "Sunrise, Sunset." The musical is about the story of Tevye and his five daughters, who have different ambitions. It is about love, acceptance, and the importance of tradition. It strikes a relatable chord for all families.

"If I Were a Rich Man" link:

7. Hamilton

There is a high possibility that you have heard about this musical about Alexander Hamilton. It has quickly become a modern classic for showing that rap does indeed belong to the Broadway stage. It's no wonder the television debut of the recorded musical picked up an Emmy at this year's 2021 awards along with the many Tony's it has won.


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