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iPOP Tips: The Top 5 Acting Games for Child Actors

Acting games for child actors can be a great way to keep your young performer active and inspired. Just like acting games for adults, games for kids are a great warm-up and creative boost. We're sharing our favorite fun activities that you can practice with your child below!

1. Superstar Interview

When it comes to acting games for child actors, this is one of our favorites. For this game, have to "superstar" pretend to be a character they love. This can be an actor from their favorite show, a family member, or anything they come up with. Your job as their co-star/parent will be to interview them so they can practice responding in character. This particular game uses improv, imagination, and fun!

2. Zip, Zap, Zop

Everyone knows, most of us love it, and it's undoubtedly one of the top acting games for child actors and even adults! Zip, Zap, Zop will help your child actor get energized and focused in minutes. We recommend having more than two players to play, although the game can still be played with two. Begin with "Player A," having their arms clap together forward towards the next Player and say "Zip." The next Player will do the same thing once pointed at and say "Zap." After that, once pointed at, the following Player will also do the same movement and say "Zop." The activity repeats so long as the Player being Zip, Zap, Zapped at responds promptly. This game is about focus, so you'll be zapped out if you don't pay attention.

3. Mirror, mirror, on the wall

For more fun acting games for child actors, we recommend Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. To play, you and your child will face each other and mimic whatever the other person does. This can be with facial expressions or physical actions. This activity is a great way to help your child learn to take directions and interact when they are on set.

4. A Million Ways To…

A million ways to have fun and improve your child's acting skills begin with the beloved game "A million Ways To." You can pick any everyday activity like walking down the street or making dinner to play this game. Your child can do the action in various ways as many times as they can imagine. This game will help your child actor with their reaction skills (i.e., Angry, sad, happy).

5. Tongue Twisters

From public speakers to singers and actors, Tongue Twisters have long been a great way to exercise your vocal muscles. That's why even for your young star, trying a few before nay performance can be a big help. With a list of tongue twisters in hand, please have your child practice saying them without messing up. If your child has an easy time with the tongue twisters, you can make this game into a challenge where you participate too!


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