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iPOP Tips: Essential Modeling Terms to Know

Professional modeling is an exciting career with a language all its own. Many of the top professional models earn significant incomes and lead glamourous lives. Learning the following essential modeling terms can help you in your professional career. Read on for the top terms to know!

  1. Art Director -- In the advertising world, the Art Director determines the look of an Ad.

  2. Art Model -- A model who poses for artists, either individually, in a group, or in a class.

  3. Beauty Shot -- A photo of a model's head intended to emphasize bone structure, skin, and the natural beauty of the model, distracting jewelry and hairstyles are discouraged.

  4. Book -- A model's portfolio, typically containing various paid modeling shots to be distributed and reviewed by potential employers.

  5. Booker -- An important person to know. The booker is typically an employee of a modeling agency responsible for giving models work and organizing and keeping their schedules.

  6. Booking Conditions -- Essentially the contract terms for a model's appearance on a specific job, terms can include transportation, breaks, overtime, bonuses, meals as well as other considerations. Booking conditions are the purview of the Mother Agent. (see below)

  7. Call Back -- When a model receives an invitation for a second audition for the same job.

  8. Cattle Call -- An audition where numerous models appear at the same time to be interviewed and evaluated for potential employment.

  9. Commercial Model -- Models who work in commercial advertising environments including, makeup, lingerie, swimsuit, plus-size, and catalog. Commercial models can appear in television Ads, in print, or online.

  10. High Fashion Models -- Models who work with high-end fashion designers and appear in fashion shows, on catwalks, runways, and showrooms. They are often the highest compensated models.

  11. Look Book -- Compiled photographs of high-end fashion models wearing a particular manufacturer or designer's clothing that is distributed to buyers, fashion editors, and clients.

  12. Markets -- The locations where model work is known to be available. Examples of major modeling markets include New York, Tokyo, and Paris.

  13. Mother Agent -- The agent who discovers a model and initially helps build her career. Mother Agents are very important, helping to develop a model's look, market her, get her work and build her portfolio.

  14. Catwalk Model -- High-end fashion models who perform live on catwalks, runways, and showrooms.

A professional modeling career can have the perks of few other professions, but it comes with a lot of hard work. The work begins with learning the profession's language, and in this regard, modeling is no different. The above modeling terms are hardly exhaustive but they offer a great start. Learn these and any aspiring model is on her way.


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