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iPOP Tips: 7 Things Every Singer Should Have

When it comes to your singing career, you should always be prepared. This advice of course does not only apply to your voice but also the tools you use to stay vocally in shape. Opportunities can come at any moment, so being prepared should be considered an essential part of your journey to stardom. In this week’s blog, we wanted to share the 7 things every singer should have. Read on for a helpful handful of tips that you can use every day at any time.


Having a humidifier as a singer is an important part of your vocal care process. It’s best to have it on in your room while you sleep so that your throat gets the same rest that you do. Humidifiers also help to avoid the dreaded dry or crackly voice that is every singer’s nightmare.

Pre-recorded Vocal Warm-ups

Make sure you have a set of pre-recorded warm-ups to use when you are on the go or doing things around your house. As a singer, it helps in your training to utilize any time you can to practice. If you’re not sure about what vocal warm-ups to do, click here for a few to start with.

A Website

Websites are crucial for any performer that hopes to succeed. Your website is basically your online resume. This is where you can have all of your profiles, singing reels, and anything else about you as a performer all in one place. Make sure to set up your personal website and take your online presence to the next level.

Basic recording software

When you start out as a singer, much of the recording you will be doing will be produced by Y.O.U. Learning how to use and having recording software can help you hone your craft as a singer for when you make it to the recording studio. There are free resources like Audacity and Garage Band, to the more advanced options like Logic and Pro Tools.

Throat spray

For tools for singers that can save the day, Throat Spray is great to always have on hand. Whether you are using your voice excessively or experiencing a dry day, having your own throat spray will help to soothe any issue. Most professionals opt for Singer’s Saving Grace as their brand of choice.

A Gigging microphone

You won’t be able to do much recording without a mic. Investing in a decent gigging microphone can be a make-or-break tool to improve not only your singing but your recording quality. With so many types on the market, it’s important to make sure you know exactly what type of mic you need before you splurge. The Yeti Mic is a go-to choice for singer and voiceover work but there are many more options available.

Soundproof Rehearsal Space

The last thing on our list is not a must but it can certainly help. Having a soundproof rehearsal space allows you the comfort of singing your heart out without disturbing the neighbors. Try to find a space with great acoustics like your bathroom or basement. If you happen to live in a small space, we recommend getting a Belt Box. The product is a portable vocal dampener for singers.


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