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iPOP Tips: 7 Things Every Actor Should Have at All Times

As an actor, it is important to have your at-home toolkit. We are not talking about a literal took-kit but the items and resources you need to succeed. Having your essential items at all times as an actor is mission-critical. That is why in this week’s blog we are sharing the 7 things every actor should have.

A Memorized Monologue

You’ll never know when an opportunity might find you so it is important to be prepared. Having a great monologue memorized at all times as well as a commercial is good practice. Every actor that starts out in the industry should make it a practice to always have some form of material memorized. Just make sure it is one you are familiar with so you can always do your best work.

Basic Makeup

This is important because you would not go on set without makeup. That’s why hair and makeup have an entire Oscars category. We are not expecting you to do Oscar-worthy make-up for an audition but a minimal amount of makeup is important to have. Whether your audition is virtual or in person, get basic makeup like concealer, a contour kit, and mascara to make yourself pop on screen. Now that’s an actor’s toolkit! Well, makeup kit to be exact.

A Website

Think of yourself as a business. How can a business flourish without a digital presence in 2021? It can’t! Your website is your home base as an actor. It houses your photos, resume, and reels all in one well-designed place. Your website can also demonstrate how seriously you take yourself as an actor. Professionalism is always the key to success.

Self-Taping Equipment

In the age of self-submit, this should now be a no-brainer but it is worth repeating. You should have everything you need at home to send in a quality audition. For casting directors quality absolutely matters, and things like lighting or sound can make or break a good performance. Not sure what items? Well, luckily for you we have a blog for that which you can read here.

Professional Resume

Acting is a job and for jobs you need resumes. Even if you do not yet have a lot of credits, you can create a resume focused on your skills and training. The difference between and professional resume and everything else is how you put it together. Your acting resume is not a time to showcase your design skills. While colorful resumes have made a comeback recently, a CD will not bring you in because they like the background you choose for your CV. Keep your acting resume clean, organized, and minimal in design. Avoid crazy fonts and make sure your resume comes across as visually easy for directors to look at.

Professional headshots

We have said this before but we will say it again. Your headshot is basically your business card for the industry. Once you have signed on with representation, it is important to invest in quality photos. They make a HUGE difference and will make you look incredibly professional. One way to decide on a photographer is to look at who they have worked with. The top headshot photographers in the industry are often a go-to for your favorite stars, so they are also a good place to start.

A Social Media Presence

In the time of TikTok, your social media presence is as commonplace as your local Starbucks. They are literally everywhere and it would be odd to be somewhere without one. Think of yourself that way. With so many platforms, it’s not only weird to not be using social media for your career, it’s a missed opportunity! Whether you launch a Youtube Channel or try out the latest viral dance, use social media to your advantage. You’ll be surprised by how much of a career booster it can be.


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