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iPOP Tips: 5 Tips for Nailing the Perfect Camera Angle

These days, getting the right take for your self-tape requires the right skills. With the bounty of tips we’ve given thus far, there is of course one crucial factor. CAMERA ANGLES! Knowing your angles is major for looking great on camera. Since CD’s will have just your audition tape to judge your skill and style, you have to be sure you look your best. Everyone has their best angle they want to feature on camera and the tips below will show you how to nail it!

1. Don’t Sweat the Technique Camera technique is just as crucial as on-camera acting. The many other acting tools, such as a voice, body, props, backstory, objective beats, and reality creation. Camera acting involves comprehending how to communicate effectively through the use of pictures.

It is hypothesized that the camera is mostly about taking pictures. However, the film is also pictorial. You can relate the idea of cinema to that of an animated comic book, rather than a novel. The first thing you look at is the pictures and then the dialogue bubbles that help you grasp what’s going on in the story. Visuals are an essential aspect of the film, as this is the only way to see your appearance on camera.

2. All about the angles. Look at a mirror or a camera. If you have a camera on your phone, take a selfie. In slow motions, turn your head to see all the angles of your face that the camera captures. Move your chin up, down, and around. The curves of your face can differ. You may appear as smiling or frowning. There will always be a better side angle of our face than the other. It is better to face in a straight direction when taking pictures.

3. Smiles for miles. I’m sure Brad Pitt has learned his picture is taking angles to achieve his winning smile. Marilyn Monroe adjusted her smile by moving the corners of her mouth downwards. She mastered the technique of an iconic smile. Focus on presenting to the camera a natural look that pictures you at your best.

4. Keep Your Chin Up

  • If your chin is positioned too high, you can look like a goof best friend, a second banana, or even a maniac!

  • Whether you are a male or female, the best position for your chin is slightly facedown. Aren’t you reminded many times during a photoshoot by your photographer to lower your chin slightly? This allows for a great spotlight on your eyes and cheekbones, which are critical facial features. This is precisely why you should face straight ahead.

  • When your chin is somewhat down, your appearance is that of someone strong, such as a villain, bully, or powerful action hero. If you are an actor whose scenes focus on monologues and your character plays the role of a victim who claims their life, muster up the courage to try position your chin down to the “power spot.”

5. Position your head to the side This is the best angle yet! Your head should be angled about three-quarters to the side. It is the best angle because you can successfully achieve all the looks of being flirty, innocent, shy, mean, and mischievous. Also, it is an ideal way to finish an audition for a commercial spokesperson. Use these tips to your advantage, and you will be able to learn about and create your angles!


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