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iPOP Tips: 10 Acting Truths to Know in Your Career

10 Acting Truths to Know in Your Career

Pursuing a career in acting is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Along the way, many actors learn advice and tips to support their careers. These simple truths of acting can go along way on your journey towards success. Read below for 10 acting truths to know…

#1 It’s not about creating characters. Characters are less important than you think. Most actors get excited by the idea of taking on characters. However, outside of the walls of a drama school, or high school, most roles, to begin with, are about bringing yourself to a role. Actors are obsessed with transcending into a new character, but 9/10 it’s about transcending into the moment, not the character. Do you have clear intentions behind the lines or an objective? Great characters are created by action, not by manufacturing an inauthentic observation of a person.

#2 Keep casting profiles simple You don’t need 20 different headshots and showreels as long as the Titanic for your casting profile. The actors who have careers keep it simple. This means 3-4 headshots, and 1 solid showreel under 3 minutes.

#3 Typecast isn’t always a bad thing Typecast gets a bads rap in the industry, but it contains an important word: cast. Finding the work that you resonate with and then making it clear to your agent and the broader industry that you want to work in that space is not a bad thing, especially early on in your career. If you are a physical comedian, your headshot, showreel, and other media should be in alignment with that. It’s not about letting someone else put you in a bracket, but it is about being clear with where you want to be cast. If you put the message out there, people will respond.

#4 Work on projects that excite you, namely writers that excite you “Follow the well-written word.” -Bryan Cranston When you are asked to audition or be a part of a production – read! Let the written work resonate with you. If you fall in love with the script, you know you’re on safe ground. If it’s not speaking to you or exciting you, it might not be worth it.

#5 Don’t take it personally It’s easy to feel that if an audition doesn’t go your way, it has something to do with your performance. Most of the time you didn’t get that role because of other factors such as your age, height, hair color, location, etc. Which you have no control over. Instead, focus on the work, not on the outcome. Focus on what you do have control over, and forget the rest.

#6 Social media matters Producers are turning to social media more and more. Telling the world who you are as a creative, and showcasing some of your work can be incredibly helpful as a performer.

#7 Be happy for others success Work on being happy for other actor’s success. Even if it hurts to begin with. Their success, in no way takes anything away from your own.

#8 Read more, watch more Have you ever tried reading a play a week? Theatre is often viewed as a stepping stone for the film industry. And what about films? Are you watching films weekly? Being familiar with film and stage plays can help you better understand your craft and what goes into a production.

#9 Train Whether you have formally trained, or have done a few masterclasses, keep going. Keep working on the areas that are important, to deliver your best work. The industry has no place for mediocrity.

#10 Every audition matters If you are in the fortunate position of being swamped with auditions, don’t take it for granted. Don’t ever let a lack of time, or enthusiasm for a project, get in the way of doing good work. Every audition is an opportunity to act, and so make use of it.


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