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iPOP Insight: Why music is important for every performer

The phrase 'performing arts' refers to a multitude of different types of artistry, but they are all extremely important to our society as a whole. But what if you're an artist already and are looking to develop your skills? If you're an actor/actress you may start taking acting lessons. Dancers may book more floor time. Painters may enroll in classes or may paint more frequently in order to hone their skills. But engaging in the development of your regular form of artistry is only the beginning.

What Comes Next?

Music is truly the gateway to the performing arts, no matter what type of performing arts you are a part of. Whether you are a musician, a singer, an actor/actress, a dancer, a painter, or anything else, music can really make a difference in everything that you do.

The best thing you can do, if you're looking to continue developing your skills in any form of performing arts, is to learn a musical instrument or learn to sing.

Why It Matters

Playing a musical instrument is actually good for anyone and everyone, because it's been proven to make you smarter, relieve stress, increase confidence, and a whole lot more. But it can also help you in your artistry. That's because music makes you even more creative by forcing you to express yourself and try new things.

This push for added creativity certainly will help you in any other area of your life and artistry because once that creative center is unlocked, and you're encouraged to let your own personality and abilities shine through, you can't turn it back off. You'll see that creativity comes through in everything that you do once you learn music for yourself.

Who's Done it?

There are many people in the performing arts industry who have changed what they do, adapted, taken on new skills, and truly thrived. Lady Gaga is one. She started out as just another regular person (albeit one who could sing) and was a waitress before making it as a singer and songwriter. But she didn't stop there. She learned acting and has gone on to make a name for herself there as well.

Jamie Foxx is another one who has managed to make a name for himself by changing lanes frequently. Foxx was a football player in high school but has gone on to be a singer, a comedian, and an actor. And he seems to excel in each of these areas. What that proves, is that there's no telling what you can accomplish in life, even if you think you've 'made it.'

Taking the time to learn a new skill may seem like a lot. But what if that new skill could help you break into an entirely new niche? Or really enhance the niche you're already in? It seems like that would be worth it, right? Learning a musical instrument or learning how to sing could open new doors. And at the very least, it gives you a chance to expand your horizons and find some new material for your artistry of choice. Music truly does make a huge difference.


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