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iPOP Insight: Why Clubhouse is a Great App for Actors

What Is Clubhouse?

It used to be that aspiring actors were forced to hit the pavement searching for auditions, meetings, and other opportunities. Clubhouse is a mobile app that provides users with tools needed to help make their dreams of becoming a working actor come true. Clubhouse is an online community where members can upload resources, network, create & share opportunities, find jobs and connect with industry professionals.

Clubhouse's ultimate goal is to enable its users to network to achieve their dreams of working in the entertainment industry.

What Can I Do With It?

The Clubhouse app was designed as a way for its users to work toward their goals.

  • Users have access to free classes for "the basics" monthly webinars.

  • They can get advice from experienced Casting Directors via Clubhouse's Q&A section or by joining one of Clubhouse's discussion groups where members discuss topics relevant to actors' daily lives.

  • Clubhouse offers users the ability to bookmark, follow, read scripts and review comments from Clubhouse members who have received feedback on their work from Casting Directors or other industry professionals.

  • Users can also upload video and audio of themselves performing a scene for Casting Directors looking for fresh talent in either an Actor/Director relationship or as part of Clubhouse's paid membership site.

Clubhouse is constantly evolving, with new features being added on an ongoing basis, such as Clubhouse Live! Clubhouse live streaming events provide actors with exclusive access to some of Hollywood's top casting directors and industry experts where they can discuss topics relevant to all working actors.

Become A Member

Clubhouse also provides information for those interested in a Clubhouse membership. Clubhouse members get access to work with Casting Directors and Agents and monthly opportunities, personalized video feedback on submissions, and an archive of submitted materials.

Clubhouse goes beyond providing access to valuable information by offering its members discounts on various acting classes, seminars, and workshops, as well as entertainment tickets and local services. Clubhouse also provides its members with the opportunity to be seen by Casting Directors and Agents on Clubhouse's filmmaker network, a paid service. Clubhouse includes everything an actor needs to help get them closer to their dream of working in the entertainment industry.

However, Clubhouse membership is not required for users to take advantage of Clubhouse's various features.

Break A Leg, Thespian

Clubhouse has become a go-to destination for today's working actors. Clubhouse offers members the ability to network with industry professionals, get advice and feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Clubhouse has created an online community where actors can learn about the industry and be inspired by other members who help one another achieve their goals. The Clubhouse app is available as a free download in Apple's App Store & Google Play Store.

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