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iPOP Insight: How to Become a Successful Vlogger

How to Become a Vlogger

Becoming a vlogger is not an overnight ordeal but with the right tips, it can lead to relatively quick success. When it comes to vlogging, people like Justin Beiber and Liza Koshy have found immense success. Before they graced stages and magazine covers, they were starting out in the performance world just like you. After creating the content that would eventually launch their careers into hyperdrive, they showed what the power of platforms like Youtube and IG can do. Read below for insight on how to become a vlogger and reach your own new level of success.

What Are the First Steps: Create an account you’ll use for posting your videos, build your profile, and come up with an idea that represents you and does not try to appeal to everyone.

First, and foremost, you need to create an account on Youtube, Tik Tok, or Instagram. You will, in addition to uploading videos, also be able to add photographs, leave comments, and explore other accounts.

To get started as a vlogger with your content, once you have your account and are logged in, you’ll need to create a new channel if on Youtube. If on Instagram you can create a “series” using IGTV. You may also be asked to verify your account.

Be sure to make your name memorable and consistent with your brand. You need it to be quickly searchable, so nothing too complex or repetitious with other popular users.

In terms of branding your channel, think carefully of what skill you are showcasing and what vibe you want to give off. The content should be reflective of your skillset and brand. Some of the most popular types of YouTube videos encompass genres like funny animals, how-to guides, gossip videos, comedy, or sketch routines. In terms of the actual video quality of recording your projects, follow our advice on self-taping.

How Often to Create Content: More videos are better on YouTube because followers love content, but it is always quality over quantity with what you create.

Ideally, to truly build a fanbase, you should be adding a video with quality content every day. If this is not possible, as some types of videos take much more production time than others—and paying your rent is, you know, a thing—don’t add content just for the sake of content. Quality over quantity is important. Find a routine that you can stick to and advertise to your audience (i.e. a new video every Friday, two posts a week, etc.) Promoting Your Channel:

  • Narrow your audience. Decide on your specific audience and then create content for them, instead of trying to please everyone at once.

  • Create a trailer for your channel. Make a trailer that will automatically play for those who are not subscribed to your channel, with a call to action to have them subscribe.

  • Build an interesting profile. Make sure the “about” section on your channel is interesting. This is where you can really make yourself stand out and sell your product to try to gain subscribers.

  • Choose searchable titles. Think about what people actually type while searching for something and keep your keywords contained to the first 45 characters, as that is all that is seen when searching.

  • Create better thumbnails. A lot of people are visually stimulated and a boring thumbnail will not help to catch anyone’s attention. Try changing your thumbnails to be more interesting and eye-catching for increased traffic and subscribers. Think about what might make someone click. Also, keep in mind the old adage “less is more.”

  • Add a watermark. Add a branding a watermark to your videos to have people become subscribers to your channel in one click.

  • Create consistent content. Build a schedule that works for you and then be diligent with sticking to it. Subscribers will then be more reliable when they know when to expect something.

  • Just ask. Don’t assume just because someone enjoyed your video they will automatically subscribe or even know how to do so. With this in mind, be sure to invite them to subscribe at the end of your video.

Next Steps for Success

Video influencers have taken their success offline, and you can too—here are a few ways to do that.

Once you have mastered the art of being an influencer you may want to use the audience you’ve built to show you’re able to move your talent off of social and on to a larger platform. For example, if you are a singer and can get a record label interested if you are an actor and can get noticed by a casting director. These are all examples of transcending the platform from whence you came. While some people can make a decent chunk of change off of advertising from Social Media, taking that influence and applying it to your career goals means that platforms like IG or YouTube can be a vehicle, rather than a focus.


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