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iPOP Insight: Commercial Casting Directors Provide Audition Guide

Commercial Casting Directors Association (CCDA) Provides Guide for Audition Safety California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that Los Angeles-based TV and film productions may resume on June 12, 2020, and are subject to approval by county public health officers. We are all excited to get back to work, but the health and safety of our members is paramount. That said, the Commercial Casting Directors Association (CCDA) has released guidelines explaining what the casting process may look like in the coming days, weeks, and months, which we have included in full below.


Dear Actors and Agents,

The Commercial Casting Directors Association (CCDA) and many of the independent casting facility operators have been working together to describe what the audition process might look like for the Los Angeles area talent pool in the coming weeks and months. THESE GUIDELINES COULD CHANGE OR BE ALTERED AT ANY TIME. We hope that ALL TALENT will review this document before auditioning:

1. IF YOU DON’T FEEL WELL, STAY HOME. If you are having any symptoms that seem unusual for you, stay home. What you think might be allergies, could be the beginning of a COVID infection. Don’t take a chance. If you are feverish, have body aches, a headache, chills, or any other symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.

2. BE ON TIME. Casting Directors will be having smaller sessions and will most probably have to audition people one at a time. If you confirm an appointment, be on time for that appointment. Each Casting Director may have a different procedure as to how to sign in or notify the lobby person that you are there…regardless of the individual variations, your being on time is vital.

3. YOU MAY BE ASKED TO SIGN A WAIVER OF LIABILITY. Some facilities may ask you to sign a document stating that you are in good health to the best of your knowledge. This may be a virtual document.

4. YOUR TEMPERATURE MAY BE TAKEN UPON YOUR ARRIVAL. Some studios may take your temperature before your entrance or they may ask to take your temperature should they feel you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 once you are inside the facility.

5. YOU MAY NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE FACILITY IMMEDIATELY. The occupancy of each facility will be closely monitored. This may result in you waiting outside the casting facility or in your car.

6. THE NORMAL SIGN IN PROCEDURE MAY NOT TAKE PLACE. Both union and non-union jobs may dispense with normal sign-in protocols. The CCDA is working with SAG to establish a mechanism to sign in that keeps the risk of transmission to a minimum.

7. WEAR A MASK. You will not be allowed into any facility unless you are wearing a mask. You will take the mask off in the studio, but not in the lobby or the waiting area. Should you take your mask off before you enter the audition studio, you may be asked to leave.

8. READ POSTED INSTRUCTIONS AT THE CASTING FACILITY. Since rules/guidance may be different from one location to another, please read the instructions posted in the lobby to learn of the expectations of that facility upon your arrival.

9. KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCE THROUGHOUT YOUR TIME AT THE CASTING FACILITY. Each facility is different and at some casting facilities keeping social distance will be challenging. However, we ask that you do your best to stay at least 6 feet away from everyone at all times. Watch for markings on the floor to help you maintain social distancing.

10. FACILITIES WILL PROVIDE HAND SANITIZER. USE IT. It is the intention of all facilities to have appropriate sanitizers available to talent. If you touch something, make sure you use the sanitizer immediately. If you would feel more comfortable wearing gloves, wear them.

11. BATHROOMS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE. The health issues surrounding bathroom usage may outweigh the desire for access to this amenity. Bathrooms may well be locked and not accessible to talent (this will be a decision made by each facility).

12. WATER FOUNTAINS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE. Each facility will make its own determination, but talent should not presume that drinking water will be available.

13. COME CAMERA READY. You may not have the opportunity to fix your hair or makeup upon arrival. Read the description of the character carefully before you get to the studio and arrive ready to enter the audition room.

14. BRING YOUR OWN PROPS. Should an audition call for props that can’t be pantomimed, bring your own. No sharing of props will be allowed.

15. ONLY ONE PARENT/GUARDIAN CAN BE WITH A CHILD. Facilities can no longer allow more than one adult to come into the space with a child. If siblings are auditioning, the 1 parent/guardian rule still applies. Siblings do not need 2 parents/guardians. Remember: bathroom facilities may not be offered.

16. STROLLERS MAY NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE FACILITIES. If you are bringing an infant or a toddler to an audition, please check to see if strollers will be allowed at the facility. If there is a restriction, prepare to walk or carry the child in.

17. PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OF CHILDREN WHO ARE AUDITIONING. Kids coloring or playing in the waiting room will not be allowed. Parents/Guardians must maintain contact and control of their child or children in the waiting room.

18. SITTING AREAS MAY NOT BE PROVIDED. Talent may be asked to stand from the moment they arrive until they enter the audition space. This may be challenging for some of the talent. Actors with disabilities who require seating will be accommodated. Having seating for those waiting to audition will be determined by each facility but is not guaranteed.

19. STAFF IN THE AUDITION ROOM WILL BE MASKED OR WEAR A FACIAL SHIELD. Casting Directors or their Associates will be masked or wearing a facial shield and will stay over 6 feet away from all talent. Actors should stand on their mark and wait for instructions.

20. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO EXIT THE AUDITION SPACE. Depending upon the facility, there may be an exit that is not the same as the entrance that was used. Casting Directors or their Associates will explain the exit procedure to you as you leave the audition.

21. PLEASE FIND OUT THE PRACTICES OF THE FACILITY YOU ARE GOING TO BEFORE YOU ARRIVE FOR YOUR AUDITION. If possible, know the procedures before you arrive. We look forward to getting back to work and will do our best to make you comfortable so that you can give us your best audition.

The Board of Directors of the Commercial Casting Directors Association

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