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iPOP Insight: Advice for Succeeding at Your Commercial Auditions

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to succeeding at your commercial auditions. Unlike television and film auditions, commercial auditions are an entirely different game. How you act on camera and showcase your talent can make all the difference in booking the job. Read on for our advice for succeeding at your commercial audition!

Be Prepared for Improvisation

What many actors do not know about commercial auditions is that much of it is often based on improv. A typical commercial audition will have no script or very minimal lines. When an actor is auditioning for commercial auditions, one should be comfortable with thinking outside the box. Practice your improv skills to always stay ahead of the game so you can be sure to steal the show and get booked!

Be Natural

Remember that you are selling a product when commercial auditioning. This is not just the actual product, but also you as an actor. This means to be yourself and show your best you! Casting wants to get to know you even if you are self-taping. Be bubbly and be your most authentic self. Being relatable means being REAL, and that is what commercial casting is about today.

Play with Props (in Moderation)

Whether filming at home or in a casting office, the occasional use of props can help you nail your audition. While you should always keep the number of props used to a minimum, it can benefit incorporate what works with the scene. If you are auditioning for a cell phone commercial, consider using an empty phone case. The same kind be said for most other items. The key to succeeding with props is to make sure that your remain the main focus, as that’s the entire reason you are auditioning!

Know Your Eyeline

This particular tip applies to both commercial auditions, as well as TV and film. Knowing what direction you are looking at and who you should look at is crucial. If you are unsure of where your eye-line should be and you are at an in-person audition, you can ask the CD. If you happen to be at home, base your eye line on what you are doing. If you are talking to someone, how old are they? How tall do you think they are? Above all else, NEVER look directly at the camera unless the script asks you to.

Know Your Role

Of course, if you are being called in for an audition, the casting director feels you look the part. With that in mind, how you act and what you wear should reflect this. From style to demeanor and tone, be considerate of your character to ensure you are portraying the character correctly!

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