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iPOP Alumni Adam Irigoyen Stars in New Netflix Series ‘Away’

iPOP Alumni Adam Irigoyen journeys to the stars in the new Netflix series ‘Away’. Adam stars alongside Hilary Swank, Josh Charles, Talitha Bateman, and Ato Essandoh in the new show. The space drama focuses on a journey to Mars and the strain put on astronauts and their families. While Adam’s character will not actually be heading to space, he plays an integral role in the series. In a recent interview with PopCulture, Adam discussed the show and the significance of his character in the ten-episode series.

“I play Isaac, who Alexis — who’s Hilary Swank’s daughter on the show — she leaves fairly quickly after Emma [Green] goes on this three-year journey to Mars,” Irigoyen told PopCulture. “We create this bond and really deep connection because of similar experiences that we’ve had. Obviously, they’re not the same considering only so many parents can go off to Mars, but they’re similar enough in that we create this beautiful connection and I sort of help her cope and deal with these just outstanding circumstances.”

In the interview, Adam also discussed the scenes he looking forward to fans seeing and the level of details, he says went into the overall production. For the full interview, head to

Away’ is now streaming on Netflix with all ten episodes available to view.

Adam began his successful journey to stardom in Hollywood after attending iPOP LA, the twice-annual event held in Los Angeles. Adam’s most well-known for his role on Disney’s ‘Shake It Up’ where he stared as Deuce Martinez. He most recently has appeared in the TNT series, ‘The Last Ship’ and will also appear in the new film ‘Centurion XII’.


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