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Jacob Batalon

iPOP Alum Jacob Batalon recently sat down for an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter on his upcoming series. Ahead of the summer release of Jacob’s new SyFy series, ‘Reginald the Vampire’. The show will be the iPOP Alumni’s first lead role following his success as Spider-Man’s sidekick Ned Leeds in the latest franchise.

'I get to be the star of the show, to be the actual hero,' says Batalon in his interview with Deadline. During the interview, which took place during this year's Canneseries television festival, Jacob broke down what it means to him to take on this new role as Reginald. The show, ‘Reginald the Vampire’, is a fantasy-horror-dramedy based on Johnny B. Truant’s cult Fat Vampire books. Set to debut soon on Hulu and AmazonPrime, the series tells the story of Reginald, an ordinary guy with a lousy job, romantic problems, and low self-esteem who becomes an unlikely hero when he is inadvertently turned into a vampire.

For the interview, Jacob also shares that he served as executive producer and was able to make some of his own decisions regarding casting. Stating, “We have a lot of people of color and a lot of like LGBTQ+ in the cast, which was a really big deal for us…It was all based on merit and your ability to perform and the chemistry [between actors].”

Jacob also discussed his excitement in breaking the mold for his generation and future actors like himself. With the first season of filming complete for the series, Jacob plans to take a break until the right project comes up. The iPOP Alumni further shares that while he does not know if he will ever take on the role of Ned Leeds again, he is grateful for the opportunity and this next chapter of his career.

Aside from the release of Jacob’s new series, he recently reprised his role in the Spiderman saga. ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’, premiered in December 2021 and became an instant blockbuster. Jacob returned as Ned alongside Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and Mary-Jane Watson (Zendaya). Jacob landed on his path to stardom after attending iPOP LA, the twice-annual event held in Los Angeles, CA.


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