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Cloak and Dagger’s Olivia Holt on her superhero role

Cape Town – Playing a superhero is surreal for former Disney star Olivia Holt.

Olivia plays one half of the duo in Marvel’s new series Cloak and Dagger.

The series centres on Tandy Bowen/Dagger (Holt) and Tyrone Johnson/Cloak (Aubrey Joseph) two teenagers from different backgrounds who acquire superpowers that link them after a life changing event.

When Olivia, a huge Marvel fan since childhood landed the role she was beyond excited, she tells Channel24 during a telephone interview.

“When the opportunity came to audition I was so excited and when I booked the part I think excited is an understatement.”

Speaking about what attracted her to the role she says that Tandy is a very special person.

“She starts off a little cynical and complicated and I think those are things that we don’t see very often in women on television. She also has a sense of boldness, resilience and confidence that overpowers all of those negative aspects of her. She has so many layers and that’s what I love most about her.”

For Olivia, the show itself is very unique as it doesn’t only focus on how the characters develop their superpowers but it also focuses on what they go through as regular teenagers.

“I think that it is very rare not only in the MCU Universe but in any universe. They are kids who have gone through a lot in their lives and have had to grow up really soon and, on top of that, they develop superpowers. I think it is unique and awesome.”


The most challenging thing about playing Tandy is the physicality and the emotional aspects.

“Not only do I have to be in a very intense headspace 95 percent of the time I also have to have my physical game intact. We run so much! We definitely got our steps in on this show,” she jokes.

She continues: “I have never been in something so emotional and physical, it was a big challenge form me to prioritise and hone in on both as much as possible.”

On working with Aubrey, Olivia says the chemistry was instant.

“We auditioned together for the show and the chemistry was there immediately. We brought that onto the set and it kept growing and evolving.”

“Aubrey is not just one of the best partners I have ever worked with he is just great all around. I am lucky to work with him,” says Olivia.

In the show her character’s superpower is to emit daggers. If she could have a superpower in real life it would be teleportation.

“I would want to teleport anywhere, wherever I want!”

And what does she want people to take away from the show?

Olivia says she hopes people are moved by it. The show has a lot of relevant themes that are happening right now.

“We are keeping it current and hope that people respond to is as a way of connecting. Although these characters have superpowers, we want to keep it grounded and make them as relatable as possible.”

She continues: “I hope we are impacting people by the journey they take. I think this show is about camaraderie, loyalty, trust and finding your own whatever that may be for you.”



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