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7 Tips for Breaking Into Musical Theatre

For those of us interested in a career in acting, getting into musical theatre might seem like a dream out of reach. And theatre being competitive because of limited parts, and plenty of talent doesn't help this situation either. But hey, the best careers have the most competition, which shows you're in the right place!

So how do you break into this industry? With the right preparation, hard work, and let's not forget the passion of course. But that's not all, here are 7 tips to break into musical theatre.

Let's dive in!

1. Take Classes

First off, you need three key skills to perform in musical theatres: acting, singing, and dancing. And for all we know, you may be talented at the three. However, every expert will tell you that training helps to refine your talent. Singing classes, for example, give you proper articulation, and good breath support. They also help to improve your pitch and tone.

Get trainers who have been in the industry or have taught musical theatre performers. This is a sure-fire way to give you an edge.

2. Practice and Keep Fit

It has been said time and again that practice makes perfect. And although it might be a bit of a cliché, we all know it's true. Getting practice will improve your skills and help you to better prepare for auditions.

During performances, you will need to move around, and especially with dancing. Getting in shape by exercising will help you build up the needed stamina to sing and move at the same time.

3. Film Your Practice Performances

Taking a video as you practice is also important. Watching yourself perform helps you point out your own mistakes. This way you know where to improve. Make sure every movement is in sync and keep your body in control.

4. Make a Portfolio and a Resume

To make people take you seriously in any field, you should have a well-laid-out resume and detailed portfolio. And musical theatre is no different.

A good resume or portfolio should include your personal information, previous productions you've taken part in, and any relevant social media handles. Producers take interest in a big following as it could lead to an increased theatre audience.

5. Prepare for Auditions

There are things to consider when preparing for auditions.

One of them is the audition materials. Try to get your audition piece to go with the style of the music you're auditioning for. You should also be ready to show both your singing and acting skills by preparing a monologue. Keep it brief and unique. Simplicity in musical theatre takes you a long way.

6. Go for the Part

Look for and schedule an audition. You can find information on auditions from advertisements or the company's website. Dress the part and avoid props. Don't forget to have your monologue, and be song and dance-ready as well. And remember to always have a smile on your face, nobody wants to sign a gloomy actor anyway.

7. Create Connections

Networking with the right people is key. This is because it can land you more opportunities with time. However, networking does not refer to associating with the big-wigs in the industry only. Joining forces with aspiring actors, dancers, and singers in the industry is also important. Not only are they huge support, but they can let you know about upcoming auditions, share tips, and even help you improve in areas you never knew needed changes.

Before You Leave

Make no mistake about it, breaking into musical theatre is no walk in the park. You might have to invest time, money, and go through countless rejections before getting your first well-paying gig. However, by following these tips you increase your chances of breaking into musical theatre significantly. Now go out and do it.

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