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10 Ways Having An Entrepreneurial Mindset Helps Performers

A career in the performing arts is a dream of many. Whether you sing or dance, having an entrepreneurial mindset will help you turn your dream into reality. Here's how.

You Own You

Make the decision that you are the most important person in your dream to be a professional performer because you are. It is your talent, your face, and no one will want to see you achieve your dream more than you. You are responsible. You own you.

Hire Others But Stay In Charge

Agents and managers are important. They have connections performers need, but they also have many clients who demand their time. Hire them but monitor their performance. Performers with entrepreneurial mindsets never forget it is they who must achieve their dreams, not their agents or managers.

Develop A Network Of People Who Can Advance Your Career

There are many very talented people in this world and most you've never heard of. Successful performers establish and maintain a deep network of people in the business.

Be Versatile

The more you can do, the more value you have to people who hire in the industry. If you're an actor, write scripts, if you're a dancer or singer, learn to act. One phone call can lead to a career.

Market Yourself

Performers with entrepreneurial thinking understand that marketing themselves is crucial. Yes, you can only rely on others, but why would you? Performers perform for people. The more people who see you, the higher the chance of getting hired. Get out there and sell.


You can wait for the phone to ring or you can create. Bohemian Rhapsody didn't fall out of the sky. Entrepreneurial performers create, don't wait, and get hired.

Learn How To Raise Money For Projects

Much art would have never seen the light of day without people who backed its creation. Whether obtaining grants, funding through 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, money from private investors, or crowdfunding, learning how to raise money for projects is well worth your time.

Have A Website

Anyone who wants to maximize their ability to reach the most people needs to have an online presence, and performers even more so. Create a website that introduces the world to you.

Create a YouTube Channel

In today's world, there are few better ways of creating an audience, and if it hits, you can actually make some money at it. Take the time to view the YouTube channels from performers in your niche with a critical entrepreneurial eye.

Develop A Business Plan

Most business people have business plans that they follow, review and change. An entrepreneurial performer should as well. Include everything covered above and more, keep what's working and change what isn't.

Grow an entrepreneurial mindset and watch your career take off.


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