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Las Vegas: Jan 2-6th, 2018
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Kamana K.

Performer 1200

What I Learned From iPop!:

To be able to spend my week of summer in Los Angeles with many other participants like myself was a feeling that i will not be able to describe in words. Everyday was a learning experience, from the time i woke up till my late night rehearsals before i went to sleep. I learned to cooperate with team-mates, my mentors and learned to accept decisions.

What I'm Doing Now:

I´m currently a 4th grader at Carney Elementary here in Baltimore, MD. I´m a part of a book club, singing group, and also take parts in my school talent shows.

Biggest Challenge:

I actually enjoyed everything that happened in Ipop, i was following my dreams; i wouldn´t consider that a challenge.

Future Plans:

I want people to recognize me and appreciate me for what i do.

Words of Advice:

Don´t give up on what you believe in. People who love you will always be by your side believing in you.

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