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Las Vegas: Jan 2-6th, 2018
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Haley M.

Performer 2607

What I Learned From iPop!:

How cool it was to perform in front of so many people......
I gained confidence, which has helped me in musicals, pageants, & playing an \\\"extra\\\" on two films.

What I'm Doing Now:

Staying busy in school musicals & submitting for various roles in New Orleans. I have played an \\\"extra\\\" on two films, \\\"Empire State\\\" & \\\"The Butler\\\", which filmed in New Orleans.

Biggest Challenge:

living so far away from great opportunities.....

Future Plans:

I still want to be on Disney or Nick, and I will work hard until I get there & then even harder once I get there.

Words of Advice:

Be Confident; donĀ“t be scared..... Have fun!!!!!!

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