Here are some excellent tips on auditioning for iPOP!

Download them here, or read them below.


Always Arrive early.

NEVER be late for an audition. Arriving on time is not good enough in this business. Arrive early. Take time to get mentally focused and prepared.

Arrive prepared.

Whether assigned copy ahead of time or you get to select your own audition piece, take the time needed for to truly prepare— know your lines, your connection and interpretation.

Have a back-up interpretation.

It is always a good idea to prepare your copy 2 or 3 different ways. If the person that you’re auditioning for asks you to run your lines differently, you will do so with ease if you have prepared more than one interpretation.

Rehearse in your audition voice.

Rehearse using your full voice as much as possible.

Stay focused on the work.

There may be wait time before you actually audition. It is important to whatever works to allow you to stay focused, confident, and positive. Do not chat with other actors unless rehearsing for lines that you will be reading together.

Age Appropriate Dress.

Girls/Ladies should wear natural make-up, and never dress like you are heading to a club. Boys/Men should not dress like they are headed to a church service.

At a minimum memorize the first and last line.

Ideally you want to be completely off book so that you can focus on the delivery of your lines and not reading lines. If time doesn’t permit ALWAYS memorize the first and last line and deliver them looking at the person auditioning.



Karla Coleman has been a talent representative for more

than 25 years both in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Specializing in kids and teens, Karla is known for her keen eye for finding young talent. Karla has discovered and nurtured the careers of many young TV and film stars.  Her discoveries can be seen in feature films such as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, “Camp Rock 2”, “The Single Moms Club”, “Miracles From Heaven”, and appear in network television shows such as “Legendary Dudas”, “Pretty Little Liars”, “The Carrie Diaries”,  “Scandal ,”School of Rock”, “Saints and Sinners”, “100  Things to Do Before High School”, “Here We Go Again, East Bound and Down”, and can be seen in numerous National TV commercials.